Sustainable Charlbury


Sustainable Charlbury is taking part in Oxfordshire ClimateXchange’s ecorenovation project.  Four people have been trained as facilitators and we aim to support you to get the best information about products, suppliers and grants to make your home warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to run. If you join the eco-renovators club we will talk you through energy use in your home, help you to develop an action plan, and ensure you get followup information and advice needed.

We also want to share information between people in Charlbury about products and suppliers.  Please see following for examples.  

Click on our Energy exhibition posters for a full report of what people in Charlbury are doing to save energy. If you would like to join the ecorenovation club please get in touch

Loft Insulation

Louise and Alan Spicer have put an extra 14 cm of sheep wool insulation in their loft.  This, along with other measures has contributed to reducing Alan and Louise Spicer’s electricity consumption by 1,777 kWh, between the winter of 2007/8 and the winter of 2008/9—despite the freezing temperatures we have had this year.


That’s almost one whole tonne of CO2 and approximately £200 at current electricity prices.

 Thermafleece in loft

Underfloor insulation

Christine Elliot insulated under her sitting room (12ft x 15ft) floor this summer using 400mm of Themafleece.  Thermafleece under the floorboards