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Saturday 27th September 2014

Southill Solar would really appreciate your help for just one hour!

15.00 – 16.00 (with traveling time either side)
Many people have asked us what Southill Solar is planning to do since our application was refused – in spite of personal supporting statements from Town and District Councillors on the day.

We made attempts to mitigate visual impact, but these were insufficient.  We are now planning a community event to assess more accurately which parts of the site are visible from the key viewing areas and in order to inform a re-design that would limit the impact of the panels. That’s why we need you – and your brightly coloured brolly!

On Saturday 27th September at 15.00 we are aiming to have at least 100 people at the site to form ‘lines of visibility’ – people with their umbrellas lined up across the site along lines we have already identified. These lines will be photographed from the five key viewing points around the site.

There is very limited parking and turning space at the lay-by so we are proposing to organise coach travel from the bus stop at The Playing Close, up to two trips departing at 2.25pm and 2.45pm, and then returning as soon as we have finished.

There will be an opportunity to make a voluntary contribution towards the costs of the coach hire.

Please let us know if you are coming as soon as possible.

We do hope that you can join us, it is all in a good cause, and should be fun as well.

Please reply to

and tell us if you are able to help.

Many thanks,

The Southill Solar Team

Community Energy England (CEE) Announce AGM and First Executive Appointment

SusCha joined Community Energy England in May 2014. CEE are holding their AGM on Thursday 4th September and have posted the following:

The meeting takes place in Oxford Town Hall at 5pm on Thursday 4th September, directly after the OxFutures/DECC conference and before the community energy awards. We hope that you and others from Charlbury will be able to attend. Even if you can’t make it, you can participate in the AGM; either by nominating a proxy or by voting online beforehand.
The main business of this inaugural AGM is to elect a new board of directors. We are spoilt for choice with a good number of excellent candidates. The list of candidates with a summary for each is available on our website here. Each will also be given a brief opportunity to introduce themselves at the AGM. While the votes are being counted, we will update you on our progress and Kathy Smyth will launch the short manifesto we are using to promote new policies in the lead-up to the forthcoming general election.
Each CEE member is entitled to vote for up to nine candidates and we will leave it to you to consult your colleagues on how you wish your votes to be cast. The outcome will be the election of nine directors, which must include no less than five representatives of community members and no less than one from the private sector. This is in accordance with the Bye-laws, and the election will follow the process in Annex C thereof.
Whether you wish to attend in person, appoint a proxy or vote online; please register here. You will need your membership number which is CEM061. If you are voting online or appointing a proxy, it will also be easier if you read in advance the candidate resumes and decide who to vote for.
We are not forwarding all these details to other contacts within Charlbury because each member organisation can only vote once, but we are reminding them about the AGM date in case they want to attend in person. The final agenda will be sent to all those registered to attend, and will be available on the day.
We look forward to seeing as many members as possible on 4th.
Finally, we wanted to confirm that job applications for our first executive appointment are now open. Please let your networks know.

Click here for a link to the executive appointment application and the CEE website where more information is available.



News Update July 2014

Following the recent planning decision for the Southill Solar scheme Sustainable Charlbury has met with WODC planning officers to discuss options for a re-submission. Further updates will follow in due course.


Planning is in! March 2014

We are delighted to report that Sustainable Charlbury submitted the planning application for Southill Solar on Friday 14th February. This means that it should go to the Planning Committee on Monday 7th April 2014.

We know that letters of support will be important in helping us with a successful application, and we would be delighted if you felt able to support the application in this way.  We also understand that receiving lots of identical letters is not as helpful as different letters with a variety of points.  So rather than setting out the points for you to make in your letter, we are attaching a link to Southill Solar Community Engagement Report which we included in our application.  You may wish to use some of the ideas from the statement in your letter.

Please address letters to: Ms Dawn Brodie

Quoting reference: 14/0217/P/FP


or, post to:

West Oxfordshire District Council,
Planning Department
New Yatt Road
Oxon OX28 1PB

Many thanks.

The Southill Solar Team

 Sustainable Charlbury is delighted to introduce a major new project which should be of interest to everyone in Charlbury and our neighbouring villages

Southill LogoSouthill Solar is a renewable energy project that will produce green electricity for the next 25 years

Sustainable Charlbury is working with the Cornbury Estate and Low Carbon Hub in Oxford to create a 5MW solar park on the Fawler Road just outside Charlbury

This exciting new project has been made possible thanks to the offer of 30  acres of land by The Cornbury Estate. The site is between Charlbury and Fawler and so the views and opinions of Charlbury folk, as well as our neighbours in Finstock and Fawler, are being sought

5MW provides enough electricity for 1400 homes (roughly equivalent to the size of Charlbury)Southill Solar proposed site aerial View

Our plan is for a community-owned facility which provides attractive returns on investment to individual shareholders as well as significant annual financial benefits back to the local community from the operating profit

Read on….

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