Sustainable Charlbury

Community Ownership

We expect to set up the solar park as a BenCom (a Charitable IPS Community Benefit Society). These are currently classed as exempt charities under the Charities Act 1993 which means that they enjoy charitable tax breaks such as relief from income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax, exemption from inheritance tax and relief from business or non-domestic rates. This is the most likely format but its exact form will be decided by Sustainable Charlbury when all the research is done and with specialist advice from relevant advisers
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You will be able to register your interest by signing up to become a member – individuals and groups are all welcome to join – and there is no financial obligation at this stage, we promise, just a registration of your interest

The current draft financial model suggests that individual members could realistically make a return of around 5% (well above anything most savings schemes or banks can currently offer). And, on top of that, the community could receive up to £100,000 a year to invest back into environmental projects


Government Support

Schemes like Southill Solar are subsidised by government policies aimed at supporting the development of renewable energy projects nationwide. Support for solar parks is delivered through the Feed in Tariff (FIT)

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