Sustainable Charlbury

Woodfuel Buyers Group

The woodfuel group was set up because an increasing number of people have installed woodburning stoves. In order to reduce their impact on the environment and carbon emissions it is important that the wood is sourced from well managed woodland, and that it is burn efficiently.
The woodfuel buyers group has the following aims:

To buy logs in bulk from a source in a way that encourages sustainable woodland management

  • To share information on most efficient ways to burn wood to minimize particulate pollution and carbon emissions
  • To work to ensure that good quality fuel wood does not end up in landfill

This year we have agreed to source our logs from Cornbury estate as foresters have assured us that it is well managed, and it is closest to Charlbury thus reducing transport costs.  In future years there are other options including buying cord wood (longer lengths) in the spring and organising our own splitting and drying over the summer. If you would like to order your logs through us please get in touch.