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Think Purple

All the facts and figures related to carbon emissions can sometimes be confusing and abstract. If you imagine that each time you turn on a light or get into a car, the carbon you emit becomes visible, the statistics begin to be shocking. Think Purple have thought up a way of making  our emissions visible and meaningful. They use the image of purple balloons as a way of visualising our emissions. If one balloon contains 10 grams of CO2, then every day, we each release over 3000 balloons into the atmosphere. That’s one and a quarter million balloons each per year!Here are a few examples of the number of balloons released by different modes of transport.

  • Train travel = 10 balloons per person per mile.

  • Car travel = 60 balloons per person per mile.

  • Return flight to Florida = 220,000 balloons per passenger!

It is hard to imagine the scale of the problem that we are dealing with. Every decision you make every day has the potential to effect the climate for better or worse: we each have it in our control to curb our emissions.