Sustainable Charlbury

Local Organic Food Garden

 Food production and distribution is a major element of our indirect emissions – about 2 tonnes.  A low carbon footprint from food would include:

  •  eating seasonally and locally,
  •  eating organic foods free from artificial pesticides
  • eating a diet low in beef and lamb – pork, chicken and fish all create much less methane (a very powerful greenhouse gas)
  • only buying and preparing as much as you need so that food waste does not go to landfill sites where it degrades to methane
  • buying less packaged foods so that the packaging does not go to landfill sites where it degrades to methane

Our fresh fruit and veg often includes large amounts of out of season, heavily packaged goods flown halfway around the world. SusCha has the opportunity to counter this by setting up a local market garden to provide seasonal, local fruit and veg to the community. The produce could be sold in the Good Food shop or we could start an organic box scheme. This would also involve the setting up of a large scale community composting network! We are looking into funding possibilities but this project will take a lot of energy and commitment to set up. Several people have volunteered to help out and if anyone else is interested in contributing in any way to this valuable project, please contact Steve Vaux or Lars Larsen. Keep an eye on the forum for the latest developments!