Sustainable Charlbury


25 people have signed up to the local Wychwood CRAG. It’s aims are to reduce the personal carbon footprints of the group using a carbon rationing technique. Currently, everyone in the group is working on finding out their current carbon footprints using a new, locally developed carbon calculator, the carbon account. Because this calculator bases its results on your actual meter and mileage readings, you are able to keep an accurate record of your carbon footprint and track it over time.

Carbon account graph

This graph shows annual emissions and how they change seasonally – more gas in the winter, and more car use in the summer for driving to Cornwall on holiday. When you change something at home, or in the way you travel it is reflected in the graph. 

 We set ouselves the target of 4.5 tonnes per person, which is a reduction of 0.5 tonnes on the national average.  At the end of the first year, most people had achieved this target, and everyone had made conscious efforts to reduce their emissions.  This is a really exciting project that tests out the feasibility of the much talked about national carbon rationing which we think will be a reality in the near future. In any case, the Carbon Rationing Action Group is a fun and sociable way to meet new people, discuss your ideas and lower your emissions.

The group is open to everyone, just log on to and start entering in your readings. Our next meeting will probably be in September 2009,  keep an eye out on the website for a date or email us at

Happy counting!